What can we offer?

Reliability, integrity and experience are just a sample of what we offer. With over a decade of experience training professionals within the Insurance and Legal sectors, we've created an array of training courses designed to offer each participant the best opportunity of developing.

Training Solutions: We can offer 1/2 day, 1 day or modular courses on all versions of Microsoft Office. Alternatively, we've learnt and trained on various in-house bespoke systems and external web-based systems. If you have a product that you need rolling out, we can help you.

Spreadsheet Solutions: The almost limitless possibilities of Excel are often under used, why not let us introduce you to a more efficient way of using them? We can create automated quote engines, binding authorities or fantastic reporting tools.

Presentation Solutions: Sensitive to the needs of an audience, we've developed a method of using PowerPoint that has massive impact and is far more likely to be retained... an essential trait of sales pitches!

Consultancy: Why not get in touch and allow us to offer our consultancy services for your current Excel or PowerPoint usage? For each product, we will utilise our real-world experience to offer you additional options that you may never have considered.