About Classick Solutions

Classick Solutions is independently owned and dedicated to bringing you the best IT training available. We're able to offer you the finest in Microsoft Office training and, in conjunction with our strategic partners, cater for all your training requirements.

Our principle protagonist, Jonathan Classick, graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a BA (Hons) topping his class and winning the St. Ives Prize for Best Student. After several years spent working in Soho (for TVP and Warner Bros!!), he moved over to the insurance industry to train. After a very successful stint at Blackmores as a contractor, he became their permanent inhouse IT trainer, spreading himself between their London offices and their offices around the country. Blackmores were then bought out by Alexander Forbes and subsequently bought out by Lockton. Many of his legacies and systems are still in use.

After over a decade with the same people (albeit with 3 different names!) came the opportunity to form Classick Solutions and the rest, as they say, is history!

Jonathan is a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer, Microsoft Master Instructor and a member of the Learning and Performance Institute (formerly the Institute of IT Training).

On a personal note, his propensity for training seems to expand exponentially; being a keen martial artist, he found that his ability to communicate concepts spread into his hobby and he ended up co-running a successful Ju Jitsu club. He is now a 3rd Dan and continues to offer his teaching skills to his new club.

The same occured when his passion for motorcycling evolved from passing his IAM test to becoming an IAM group observer; now he takes people out, observes their riding and passes on guidance in line with the Police System of Motorcycle Control and has been doing so for nearly 10 years.

When he can find time, he also loves his photography, getting his Nikon out and snapping away with many of his pictures available on iStock. Alternatively, when he has the energy, he loves getting out on his mountain bike, recently completing the tough "South Downs Way".

His partner in Classick Solutions, and more than ably supporting him, is Joanne Classick, who somehow manages to juggle her role within the company with completing her final year at University (as a mature student), studying for a BA/Bsc in Educational and Social Science.